29 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

BVB on Blue Jean!

     This month Blue Jean (the biggest Turkish music magazine) will give us Black Veil Brides poster (with Headbang)

---> Here's the poster :)I think we must to buy the magazine this month :)

21 Haziran 2011 Salı

BVB Royal Wedding!

Jinxx and Sammi Doll got engaged ! (last night)  (I dont know their wedding date yet)
I hope they always be happy!

19 Haziran 2011 Pazar

Andy's accident!

I couldn't find a word to tell about this situation.I hope our Andy gets well soon.And he must to take care of himself.

14 Haziran 2011 Salı

June 14th!

Today,the new album "Set The World On Fire" is releasing!!!

for Turkish fans : I talked to Chris Biersack (Andy's dad) and he promised me that we can find the album in Turkey cause the album will be worldwide !!!

11 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

new album ,new songs!

There are some new songs on "Set The World On Fire" by Black Veil Brides.If you dont have your album yet,you can listen the some songs here.Enjoy them! 

set the world on fire

new religion


rebel love song

love isn't always fair

new album!

I know some fans got "Set The World On Fire" but i do not have yet,so my friend İlkay Türkeş talked about the songs. :)

Set The World On Fire: BVB will be so popular with this song if someone hasn’t know anything about them.Currently BVB’s official fan page increases so fast! ♥
The Legacy: We all know this song from it’s rocking video.It’s pretty loud and too hard-rock,It is done by success as well ;);)
Fallen Angels: Maybe,this song made us cry But Inside of our hearts we have got many angels made from BVB =)=) ♥
Saviour: Probably this song will take our all emotional feelings inside it :D:D You’ll may cry when you listen it.
God Bless You: Formally it’s metal! At the beginning of the song your ears may be deaf :P:P Don’t keep it’s volume loud ;);)
Youth and Whiskey: I think i’ll do this song as my ringing tone for my cell-phone ♥ It’s loud as well as God Bless You ,you can see that it’s name is ‘’Youth and Whiskey’’ but there’s is nothing that BVB sublimates whiskey or something else like alcohol…Some people said me that they sublimate alcohol and smokes.But NO THEY DON’T
Ritual: I love the way of it’s beginning ♥ sweet guitar voice :P:P But….To be honest,i don’t like it very much when we compare it with others ♥ But lovely song …
Die For You: It seems that it’s about full of love by looks like from its name but it’s not =)Quite different from others i think so
Rebel Love Song: My Favourite one! I can’t describe my feelings when i listen it. Turn-up the volume again :D:D
Love Isn’t Always Fair: I liked it but not very much =/ But good job BVB ;);)
Smokes and Mirrors: Yeah..Our bonus track rebellion, anxiety, pain, lack of fear. Let’s try to fall in love with this song :D:D
New Religion: Incredibly diverse and hard to explain ♥

8 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

Please read and help us!

hey guys,you know "Set The World On Fire" release on 14th June..and i have a plan.

on 14th June,we will try to make worldwide trend to "Set The World On Fire"
*You just write #STWOF on your twitter.
its so easy :) please join us do it together perfectly

*Please share this paragraph with your friends who are BVB fans

3 Haziran 2011 Cuma

Follow Jinxxy !!


Yeah guys,this link is our Lovely Jinxxy's blog.About  Rock am Ring and Rock Im Park (Germany)

Follow his blog,read the tour diary and look at the pictures :) It's really good i think :)

1 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

Cindy's Project

Hey guys,
Cindy (Official German Bridesmaid) started a project about Black Veil Brides.You just send your photo her mail adress and write your name and location (i think you write your age too.)Then she will post our photos to BVB members.PLEASE JOIN IT!!


If you know more information about the project,Just click this link and read :)

PS : You can ask me your questions :) my e-mail: xxkbrxx@gmail.com

The Legacy Lyrics

If you wonder what Andy said in this song,here's to "The Legacy"  lyrics.
This video is not mine,so i do not know the lyrics are true or not.

If you know correct lyrics,please tell me :)